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Wedding Wednesday: beautiful cakes

“Wedding Wednesday” seems to be a very popular theme in the blogging world (or at least in many of the blogs I follow), so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon with my own food-related two cents. Food is such a big part of most wedding celebrations – from the dinner menu to the wedding cake, and from celebratory drinks to party favors- that I figured I would have plenty of food-related wedding topics to chime in on.

I have always been slightly obsessed with wedding cakes (what girl isn’t?!) and today I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorites. Aren’t they just gorgeous? Definitely too pretty to eat!

(double-click any photo to enlarge)

Traditional all-white beauties

If someone asked me what the perfect wedding cake looked like, I would say it looked like this..simply perfect

Rustic icing and cascading sugar roses

Sugar flowers, ruffles and pearls...what could be better?!

Rustic all-white trio of cakes

Pretty in pink

To me this looks like the cake version of a Chanel bag

Pink sugar ruching

I love the lace look-alike sugar flowers!

All pink with intricate icing

Alternative cakes

Cute cactus bundt cakes create a ranch-chic feel

Beautifully creative and unusual.. a true masterpiece!

Some would say that black-and-white is the new white

Beautiful cherry blossom cake. I must admit I'm not a fan of the color scheme, but imagine how pretty this would look in all-white!

* Cake photos courtesy of Martha Stewart, My Sweet and Saucy cake shop, and Style Me Pretty bridal blog



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