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Countdown to Thanksgiving: Turkey Mix and Match

It’s hard to find a food magazine this time of year that doesn’t feature Thanksgiving and/or the holidays. Photos of juicy turkeys are everywhere, so there’s definitely no shortage of ideas.. but which one makes the cut? How do you select just one recipe out of a sea of publications competing for your attention? Well, Food Network Magazine has an easy answer: you don’t have to. If you’re anything like me, you read tens of recipes – perhaps for roasted turkey, or for stuffing, or about a billion options for side dishes – and you find bits and pieces of each one that you like but none of them singularly stands out. Sound familiar?

Good news foodies, because this month’s Food Network Magazines has a “Turkey Mix and Match” guide that lets you be the decision-maker! The guide provides a laundry list of different common ingredients that go into each component of the Thanksgiving feast like the turkey itself, the stuffing, and sides. It also gives friendly suggestions about which combinations tend to go well together, but ultimately allows you to select exactly (and only) what you, your family and/or your friends like. Genius!

Featured here today is the guide for roast turkey. Happy decision-making!

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* Top image and Turkey guide courtesy of Food Network Magazine’s November issue



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