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Fun with leftovers

So…Thanksgiving 2011 is over. Hopefully you spent a day full of good food and festivities, but now your guests have come and gone, your kitchen sink is probably a mess, and your fridge is crammed full of turkey day leftovers.. What should you do with all this food?! Here are some ideas I have come across recently:

1. The infamous turkey leftovers sandwich

This post-Thanksgiving staple is probably as infamous as the t-day meal itself. Pile it high! Spread your bread with leftover gravy or cranberry sauce first -or both! Absolutely any kind of bread works for this…baguette, toast, focaccia, ciabata, whole grain or even tortilla wrap, you name it! Then add a few slices of leftover roast turkey and pack in a few other delicious ingredients… a “TLT” is a simple but great option -turkey, lettuce and tomatoes. Or if you’re in the mood for a more involved sandwich, you could also add cheese (think brie or provolone), other spreads like aioli or tapenade, and if you’re craving some crunch (or feeling naughty!) top your sandwich with some onion rings or potato chips. Yum!



2. Turkey salad

Create a creative alternative to a traditional chicken salad by substituting with turkey meat. Works with just about any variety of chicken salad! Here is Jamie Oliver’s suggestion.





3. Turkey lasagna

Pulse your left over turkey in a food processor to mince and use it instead of beef to make a lasagna. Great recipe from Ina Garten here.






4. Potato croquettes

Put leftover mashed potatoes to good use by making tasty croquettes. Make little round patties of potato, roll in bread crumbs and sautee in a skillet with some olive oil. Here’s a recipe from Paula Deen.






5. Turkey “sushi”

I came across this enterprising idea in Food Network Magazine’s November issue. Use lettuce instead of nori and gravy instead of soy sauce for dipping.  So creative!









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* Images courtesy of bonappetit.com, foodnetwork.com, jaimeoliver.com, Food Network Magazine’s November 2011 issue



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