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Have you voted yet? As many of you already know, I am not an American citizen and therefore cannot vote today. However, that has obviously not stopped me from being glued to the TV over the past few weeks and months in the lead up to today’s US Presidential Elections, partly to indulge my inner geeky politico (I was a PoliSci major at Stanford) but also because whatever happens today will not only have a big impact on America, but also on the rest of the world. So…if you haven’t voted already, you should definitely go exercise your priviledge to be part of this very important decision (locate your polling place here).

If I could vote today, I would vote for Barack Obama. Four years ago I was an avid fan of his, and although I am considerably less enchanted with him today than I was in 2008 (I think he can afford to take a firmer stance about many topics), I still think the man oozes intelligence and charisma.  Not to mention that, in my humble opinion Obama is clearly the better choice BY FAR for America -and for the world at large- than Mitt Romney. I’m sure at this point you are wondering why this polisci geek is talking politics on a food blog, but I may have found at east one very good foodie-endorsed reason why Obama-Biden is the right answer today. So if all else fails, if you are still undecided, confused, or indifferent about which candidate to vote for, consider Bill Clinton’s words from his electrifying DNC speech in September, and vote for the man “who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama.” Yes, my dear foodies, you guessed it: she’s one of us.

Since her husband entered office, First Lady Michelle Obama has become a high-profile spokeswoman for healthy eating and the importance of fitness, launching programs like her “Let’s Move” initiative to fight childhood obesity. In Spring 2009, Michelle launched a garden initiative which included planting a fruit and vegetable garden on the iconic White House South lawn, something that has not been done since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden, to focus public attention on the importance of eating healthy and natural foods. The first Lady has invited school children, scouts, and celebrity chefs alike into her garden to participate in planting and learning, and has published a cookbook, American Grown, to tell “the story of the White House Kitchen Garden and gardens across America.”  Sigh, darlings, a lady after our own foodie hearts. Need I say more?

…Because reaaaaaally, people, Anne Romney as First Lady? I don’t think so.

In good health,


* Photo credit: Washington Post



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